Our service

Seize your options: with northrail.

northrail is an experienced and professional partner in the business of leasing, managing and purchasing as-new central driver’s stand locomotives and electric locomotives. Our core business lies in shunting/feeder services and line/last mile freight traffic.

We know that our clients are looking to respond quickly and flexibly to market trends – without having to commit to long-term investments. And we are prepared for that. This is how we also see our service portfolio:

    • We lease as-new central driver’s stand locomotives and electric locomotives for shunting, feeder and line operations.

    • Locomotives from renowned manufacturers are our trademark Whether fresh from the factory or as-new, northrail locomotives help to cut costs in covering your short-term or long-term locomotive needs.

    • We provide professional consulting, helping you financially optimise your fleet of locomotives and plan the deployment of your locomotives.

    • We also lease and finance the new design/building of a variety of performance classes of locomotives.

    • We also provide a range of additional services relating to rail operations, including maintenance, insurance and the recruitment of staff.

    • When it comes to maintenance, you can choose between our full-service package or the option of maintaining your leased locomotive in your own workshops – adaptable to meet your requirements.

    • With your help, we draw up efficient, financially attractive solutions that meet your needs.